H2L Testimonials

What are some current clients saying about the Healthy Habit Lab and PN's ProCoach?

David, age 76, states:

"It has been said , 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks.' Wrong, wrong, wrong. I am a 76 yr. old man and have learned new 'tricks.' I have lost 10 lbs. and am significantly stronger. More importantly, I have new habits that I don't think about. In fact, this has all been done without dieting."

After 17 weeks, David is my most successful client, having lost 12 pounds. It is no surprise that his habit completion percentage sits at a nice 92%!

Meg, age 36-

I've spent the last 7 years trying to find a diet that "works." Through that journey, I found short-term and unsustainable weight loss. A few months ago, I started Precision Nutrition. During the first 9 weeks of the program, I dropped 8 pounds. More importantly, I have developed healthy habits that are long-term, sustainable solutions to battling and maintaining weight loss.

Through these habits I have certainly developed more discipline with food, but the habits have also had positive impacts on other areas of my life. I have more focus at work, I sleep better at night, I have more energy throughout the day, and and much higher level of self-esteem. My daily routines and workouts are more efficient and productive. Just last weekend, I placed first in my age group (a first for me!) in a difficult trail race. I am excited about the weight loss results I've gained through PN, but I'm especially grateful for the habits I have developed that will support my health and wellness for years to come.

Amy, age 47:

The Healthy Habit Lab program has provided me the structure I need to become healthy and active! As a working mom of two, this program has been easy to implement and incorporate into my busy schedule. I feel more confident, less stressed about what I eat, and have more energy to enjoy life!


Ashley, age 36:

I also want to address how much more confident I am feeling. I had kind of decided prior to starting PN that I was "too old" or "too out of shape" to learn to ski (I never tried until I was 27). However, with my regaining confidence, I decided to give it another shot this past weekend and I had a MUCH BETTER experience than I had when I was a younger 27!! I was calmer, more up for the challenge, and more able to focus on my achievements instead of my shortcomings!! I am by no means a "skier" yet, but I am excited to take more lessons on my next trip to the mountains!

I am also much more confident in the gym. I was very comfortable with manipulating the equipment in the hotel gym to do two amazing workouts on vacation. None of it scared or intimidated me!

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