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Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

  • Do you have $4 a day to invest in your health? You may spend more than that daily on a cup of coffee! Keep drinking the coffee (we are big fans!), but consider spending $4/day on your health as well.
  • Details are provided below, but briefly, each day for 50 weeks you will be provided with the following:
  • A short daily lesson over a topic pertaining to the current habit. The lessons require about 5-10 minutes, and are delivered in both written and audio formats.
  • A daily habit that will progress every 2 weeks, focused on the building of proper eating behaviors that will lead to 'eating like an adult rather than a child, as one of my clients pointed out.
  • We will not take drastic measures- such as the giving up of whole food or macronutrient groups, or severe caloric restriction. This is not sustainable.
  • We WILL teach you how to make responsible and adult decisions about food most of the time. No one is perfect, and we will not ask you to be. We will ask you to be better.
  • Check out the video below for a visualization of how the program works.

Online Fitness Coaching

  • Daily workouts delivered electronically, complete with video coaching clips, modifiable based on location, equipment, and time available.
  • Workouts are typically delivered 3/4 days per week, with Active Recovery assigned on the off days.
  • Pending the program type assigned, each daily workout can be modified based on time available to train (30 vs. 60 minutes), equipment/space available to utilize, and skill level.
  • All exercises include written coaching points and short video clips.
  • Check out the video below explaining ProCoach workouts.

Mike Jett, MS, CSCS, EP-C, PN-1

My story: I completed a B.A. in history (2000) and a M.S. in exercise physiology (2004) from the University of Louisville. I am currently a full-time instructor at the University of Louisville in the Health and Sport Science Department, and Lab Director of the Human Performance Lab.

Certifications: NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, and Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach.

Experience: In addition to 12+ years as an instructor on the collegiate level, I also have over 15 years of personal and group fitness training experience, 4 years as an assistant high school cross-country coach, former small fitness business owner (Pure Fitness Training (2010-2014), and multiple publications in peer-reviewed professional journals.

Personal: former/recovered runner who now focuses on balanced physical activity (mainly lifting and hiking), husband to Elizabeth, father to (children) Maggie and Daisy, and (dogs) Ace and Flash.

My WHY for participating in PN coaching- to become a better husband, father, coach, and leader.

Coaching Packages include the Premium and the Economy Packages.

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Consistency is what many people struggle with pertaining to matters of health. Accountability with consistency, then, seems to be the key to helping people improve any or all components of health and lifestyle.

The Healthy Habit Lab, powered by Precision Nutrition's ProCoach, is a program built to produce consistent habits through daily interaction between the accountability coach and the client.

Briefly, ProCoach provides an online platform for the daily provision of education, habit accountability, and coach interaction. This is a 52-week program- so there is a commitment; and every two weeks the client will receive a new habit to work on for the upcoming two-week period. The habits will mostly focus on nutrition, but will also include physical activity, sleep, and mindset-based habits as well.

By taking the habit-forming slow, two weeks at a time, and with the coach providing daily accountability for the consistent completion of the habit(s), after one year the client will have a transformed lifestyle that can be sustained for a lifetime. That is worth repeating- this is NOT a quick fix, but a sustainable lifestyle modification to promote optimal health.

That’s the gist of it, but some specifics of the PREMIUM COACHING PACKAGE: 

  • A thorough intake questionnaire to determine each client’s goal(s) and individual challenges (this will be emailed directly from Precision Nutrition on behalf of the Healthy Habit Lab).
  • An optional fitness assessment in the University of Louisville Human Performance Lab (for an additional cost- see U of L Fitness Evaluation Program link above).
  • Bi-weekly weigh-ins and girth measurements; and monthly photos.
  • A researched and proven 50-week curriculum designed to improve eating habits for good!
  • Daily mini-lessons and habits delivered electronically.
  • A new daily habit delivered every two weeks.
  • Daily text message interaction with Coach Mike.
  • Weekly in-person or coaching call meetings with Coach Mike.
  • Monthly personal training sessions with Coach Mike
  • Daily online workouts, complete with videos for each exercise.
  • Quarterly Body Fat % analysis in the University of Louisville Human Performance Lab.

I am eager to discuss this and answer any questions you may have. We can begin with the lessons and habits right away, or schedule the optional fitness assessment if you would like to establish your ‘baseline’ first. Online coaching will typically begin the first Monday of each month for new clients.

Let’s get started!

Coach Mike Jett

The Healthy Habit Lab